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Columbus Ga Web Design


Whether it's a simple landing page or a complex commerece website, we'll work with you to create the perfect website to meet your budget.

Columbus Ga Computer Repair


We can diagnose your problem and give you a real solution. If a part costs more than it would to replace the computer, we'll tell you. Fair and honest.

Columbus Ga Online Social Marketing


Maximize search engine visibility with a mobile-first, local-oriented approach. Graphic design, search engine optimization and custom web application development.

Our Goal

Don't get lost in the sauce.

The world of web design and online content creation is a very isolated world. It's predatory. Novice users are often lost in a sea of jargon thrown around by web "experts" & search engine specialists who promise the world; and when they're done spinning their webs, your pockets are lighter without getting any value for that investment. It's hard enough focusing on your business without having to deal with companies who see you as an easy paycheck.

This is what separates Just James from everyone else. I've made it my goal to provide fair, honest and affordable web design, online marketing and computer repair to small business owners and entrepreneurs just trying to take a step in the right direction.

I am not that web designer who's going to charge you thousands of dollars for a Wordpress Template site and expect payment for minor updates. I closely collaborate with every client and build a custom website to meet their goals. Whether it's a 100-page website or an online business card landing page, I will give your business the care and attention it deserves.


James Harmon

Web Designer & IT Specialist

Web Services


Once you decide on a domain name and a website, it has to be hosted on a server where it can be seen and accessed by the millions of other people on the web.

We will maintain the server where your domain is parked and host your home page. We also provide support, service, and can maintain your website.

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All of your data and your customer's data will remain protected and secure. We also provide SSL Certificates for your domain to give your customers an extra blanket of security, making them more likely to purchase your products.


Need more than a simple website? No problem. We can provide you with applications and we have the programming and support personnel to help. CONTACT US


Not a techy person? No problem. We offer website maintenance packages to help you update your site and keep your online business rolling.


Need more customers? We'll help you boost your website by utilizing sophisticated techniques to make your site visible on search engines.


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